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New patients are always welcome. We will not make you wait weeks to get the care you need today. Our goal is work with our patients so they can achieve and maintain a properly aligned spine, free the nervous system of interference, and consequently achieve a healthier body.

We take the time with our patients to explain their treatment options and inform them of additional preventive care. We invite you to call our office with any questions.

Our doctors use a very specific adjusting technique that is low force and quite gentle. We are able to treat patients of all ages with several different conditions, including previous spinal surgeries.

We will do everything possible to ensure you a pleasant visit!

Licenses / Credentials :

• Indiana License
• National Board of Chiropractic Examiners Certified
• Physiotherapy Certified

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Chiropractic Treatments
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Neck and Back Pain

My Holistic Approach to Wellness as Your Indianapolis Chiropractor

Every year millions of Americans turn to chiropractic care for a safe, holistic and effective approach to alleviate back, neck and shoulder pain. They also turn to a chiropractor’s care to relieve pain in extremities, fatigue and general poor health. As a professional Chiropractor, we believe that correcting the root of the problem provides significant long term benefits rather than simply treating or masking symptoms.

We emphasize the importance of a healthy lifestyle and do not perform surgery or prescribe drugs other than natural dietary supplements. We might suggest some spine exercises as well as some other strengthening moves for you to do. These exercises will augment your chiropractic therapy between appointments here, at your chiropractic center. Our goal as your Chiropractor is to restore your entire body to optimal health.

Our Approach is Hands On as Your Chiropractor

Many people are under the misconception that a chiropractic doctor is limited to providing back pain relief or neck pain relief. While chiropractic therapy does include neck pain treatment and back pain treatment it really encompasses treatment of the whole body. We take a hands-on approach to your health by adjusting the imbalances in the skeletal system, particularly the spine. Chiropractic care is a noninvasive discipline that sees the body as a system of parts that work together in balance.

Misalignment in one or more of the spinal vertebrae causes nerve impulses to be disrupted, resulting in a number of symptoms. These symptoms may include sensations of pain, numbness and tingling. They may also include swelling, fatigue or sinus and allergy issues. Many patients come to a chiropractic center seeking shoulder pain relief and hip pain relief and are pleasantly surprised to find that with chiropractic care, not only are they pain free but their allergy symptoms have disappeared.

Through a series of adjustments we will adjust your spine and other areas of your skeletal system to its correct alignment. Returning the vertebrae to their correct placement will restore proper function to the nervous system and the rest of your body will follow by healing. Our goal as your Chiropractor is to realign the spinal column, affecting the body as a whole, thereby restoring you back to complete health. Our aim is to achieve this without the use of drugs or surgery.

We Can Meet Your Needs at any Age as Your Chiropractor

Our training enables me to treat patients of every age. Spinal misalignment can occur at any time in life. This can even happen at birth because of pressure in the birth canal. As children learn to walk, falls are common. Throughout the early development years a young body is subjected to many jolting experiences that are just a part of growing up. These experiences can cause some physical problems when they reach adulthood. Children can benefit from a visit to the family chiropractor at a young age.

Chiropractic care can improve your health as an adult or senior citizen. A visit to your Indianapolis chiropractor will be helpful in maintaining your mobility as you age. We will be helping you to alleviate the conditions of general muscular aches and joint or back pain caused by arthritis and other natural degenerative changes. Gravity alone is a cause of misalignment of the spine as we age. This can show up as back pain, hip pain, shoulder pain, arm pain and a number of other ailments.

Working closely with your Indianapolis Chiropractor, we will aim to reach our target. Our goal is for you to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle. Surgeries and the use of prescription drugs have caused speculation. As your Indianapolis Chiropractor we can offer you holistic methods to heal and be in good health.

Let us Help You Find Relief from Allergies and Sinus Conditions as Your Indianapolis Chiropractor

Most people that live with allergies, sinus pain, headaches and recurring infections seek conventional treatments with over the counter or prescription drugs. This often results in minimal success at best. Many adverse side effects are common with these drugs such as drowsiness, anxiety and sometimes heart palpitations. If this sounds like you, you may want to talk with this Indianapolis Chiropractor since we may be able to offer you another solution.

As a professional Indianapolis Chiropractor we can facilitate healing. This will relieve the aches and pains from misalignment of the spine and help to alleviate allergies and sinus problems. It may be difficult to imagine how chiropractic manipulation and adjustment play a role in helping you to relieve the suffering from sinus and allergy problems. People with these same problems have been finding relief through chiropractic care for more than a century.

Through the correction of spinal misalignment, as your Indianapolis Chiropractor we can alleviate the symptoms. The immune system can begin to heal and work properly with regular chiropractic care. Often this is exactly what’s needed to relieve the problems caused by allergies and sinuses. If allergies or sinus ailments are troubling you, consider coming in to your family chiropractic office for a visit.

We Promote Disease Prevention as Your Indianapolis Chiropractor

As your Indianapolis Chiropractor our job is to help you prevent health problems from occurring in the future. We will want to help you to identify areas in your life that might be creating excessive wear and tear on your body. For example if your work requires heavy lifting or repetitive movement, we can discuss ways that you can prevent damage from these activities. Sports activities are also causes for injury. Leg pain relief and arm pain relief is often sought after by the avid golfer.

We may give you some lower back exercises to strengthen your back. As a Indianapolis Chiropractor we recognize that many factors affect your health, including the amount of exercise you get, diet, sleeping habits, home and work environment, and your heredity. We can advise you and recommend changes in your lifestyle that will affect those factors. We are your Indianapolis pain relief specialist and take pride in serving you.
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I was irritable and not able to do most normal activities without pain. Since I began care I have had fewer or no migraines, my allergies have not been an issue, my numbness is gone and flexibility is as it was when I was in grade school! I have more energy to do things and have a more positive outlook.
Jerid M.
The entire staff at Billingsley Chiropractic have been very helpful, efficient, and friendly. I have less neck pain and my hips don't bother me at all anymore. I never (very rarely) have headaches, and I no longer need to take pain medications. My daughter began care and no longer gets sinus infections and hasn't been on antibiotics for almost a year after being on them continuously last winter.
Julia P.
The staff at Billingsley Chiropractic are the best I've ever seen, very friendly and caring. I've had lower back pain for over a year where every movement caused back pain and loss of energy. The back specialist told me there was nothing he could do. After two months of chiropractic care, I no longer need a walker or cane and can move without pain and have more energy. My wife is now going also, and can sleep without pain!
Paul S.
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